Poker and its Variants

What is Poker?

Many people often heard about poker. It is a gambling game which is using the card. The variant of the poker games include the betting as the main part of the games. The betting is also to determine the winner. The winner of each person is based on the cards’ combinations. Some of the cards are still hidden till the end of the games. To play poker games, there are many things to consider such as the number of the cards, the number of the shared cards, the hidden cards and the betting. Recently, modern poker games’ first round is when the one or more players make the betting. For standard poker, the players decide the bet based on the rank of his cards when it is compared with other players.


There are varieties of poker games. All of them have the same rules on playing. Commonly, they are using similar hand ranking level. There are four main variants of poker games. The variants are grouped based on the card and the betting.

poker and its variants.


This game is for one round and deals with each player. You are allowed to raise and re-raise. This variant is the oldest among all the poker family. The game now is popular called Primero. In this game, it involves the three-card brag. It was very well-known around the American War and nowadays this game is still enjoyed by people in the UK. To play straight hands, you need five cards and use them to the final countdown. Poker is always played in complicated way so you need strategy to play.

Stud poker

This game deals with the card combination which is faced down and up. People called it streets. Moreover, for each round, there will be the betting. This is the second oldest of the poker family. The game is developed from three to five cards in hand. The player is dealt with one card in one time whether facing down and facing up. Each round has betting. Seven-card stud is the most famous variant of poker nowadays. It deals with two additional cards for each player. The player must choose the best 5 cards out of the hand.

Draw poker

Once again, it is dealt with each player. The complete hand has something to do with the facing down and betting. The players can try to change their hand by removing the unwanted cards and getting the new one. Five-card draw is also the variant in this family.

Community card poker

It is also called flop poker. This is the variant of stud poker. The players will deal with the face-down cards which is incomplete. The numbers of face-up cards are on the middle of the table. Each player has five cards in their hand. The two famous examples are Omaha and Texas hold’em.

Strip poker

This is the traditional variant of poker games. The players should take off the clothes when they lose. The game depends on the mechanic of betting. The simple variant of poker with betting round such as five-card draw can be played.